The Yellow Sound
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Dance, theatre

The Yellow Sound

Yale-NUS, Singapore
Keywords: dramatizing synesthesia

When teachers collaborate with their students, then it is possible to multiply the vision of an idea. This happened with this production of Kandinsky’s Yellow Sound, which I directed and choregraphed. For 1 year, the composition students from Yale-NUS Singapore wrote music with me in a course called Creative Collaborative Composition.

Add to this cauldron, collaboration with a good friend, then a production takes on further levels – my synesthete friend Myke Karlowski built the sculptures and oversaw stage visuals for the production. The lighting was designed by Tay Heuy Meng.

The colour yellow has an interesting sound and drama and it developed my own interest in synesthesia – articles forthcoming. Cross sensory experience deepens listening and research on this field is really growing.